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What Are Cookies?

Cookies are small text files, downloaded from websites to your computer or smartphone as you browse and use the Internet.

There are two main types of cookie:

A session cookie only exists for the duration of your visit to a website. It is used to recognise your computer or smartphone as you move between pages. These cookies can be used, for example, to maintain secure logins or hold data you have entered but not saved, so you don't lose it if you change pages.
A persistent cookie stays on your device for a set period of time and can be used, for example, to remember you when you next visit the website.

If you browse any Eddystone NT created website all cookies are owned and created by the website you are viewing ('first-party' cookies), we do not use any third party cookies. Those cookies are used exclusively to improve and secure your browsing experience and are not used for marketing or advertising purposes.

Recent EU legislation requires that people are told about cookies and given the choice as to which of their online activities are monitored in this way. Guidance from the Information Commissioner's Office (ICO) has said that websites can assume that users have consented to the use of cookies if visitors are informed about them and then continue to use the website.

Eddystone NT sites adopt this 'informed consent' policy - however you can disable cookies in your browser, but if you do that then Eddystone NT websites will not work properly and your visitor experience will be downgraded.

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